Grassland Ecology in Kansas 

Mid Shortgrass Range School 2015

 Principles of Rangeland Management School
Tallgrass Prairie School
 Tuesday, August 18 to Thursday, August 20, 2015
Place: Camp Wood, Elmdale, KS

Mid-Shortgrass Prairie School
Date: Tuesday, August 4 to Thursday, August 6, 2015
Place: Camp Lakeside, Scott County Lake, KS
TNC - Smoky Valley Ranch

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Range School Topics:
  • Plant identification and grassland ecology
  • Kansas Rangelands: Landscape Legacy
  • Interactive Ecology...Know your plants
  • Reclaim the Range: Tools and Strategies
  • The Range Roadmaps: Getting Directions
  • Landscape Art and Economics
  • Planning the Future-Understanding the Past
  • Rangelands Resources: Can you see harmony?
  • Management Decisions: Beyond Educated Guesses
  • Planning with Purpose: Putting it all Together
  • Range Developments: Location, Location, Location!
  • Managing rangelands for wildlife
  • Managing rangelands for livestock types
  • Forage and animal balance
  • Sampling, measuring, and monitoring...evaluate what you have, decide what you want, check to see if you are making progress.
  • Learn with you neighbors! Receive expert instruction from ranchers as well as agency and university staffs!

Presentations at the 2012 Range Schools:

Drought and Contingency Planning 2012

Stocking Rates and Drought 2012

Rangeland Soil Quality

KC Olson - A Case Study in Low-Input Management - 07.27.12

Tuition, room and board is $300 per person.  Additional people from the same ranch or outfit will be charged $250 per person.

Scholarships of $150 are available for most ranchers.  Apply for a scholarship by clicking a linked form on this page, OR call (620) 242-6440. Scholarship forms must be received by the KGLC Coordinator  at a date determined later.


Both schools provide air-conditioned sleeping rooms with double occupancy. (Note: You do need to bring along your own bedding, towel and wash clothe.)


Meals are provided including a Wednesday evening steak fry (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 suppers).

at both sites are comfortable with easy access to range sites and learning areas.