Information for American Applicants

“The Young Generation Forum continues to bring students and young professionals in science and engineering together from all over the world. Through networking with peers and older generations as role models, we learn how to maintain our Korean roots while succeeding as scientists and engineers in the foreign societies in which we live. The forum is an opportunity to experience not only the rich scientific opportunities in Korea, but also the cultural depth that benefits many of us as 1.5 and 2nd generations.” - Past Participant of YGF

YGF 2014 Participants

Program Highlights:
  • Trip to Korea includes hotel, meals, and activities
  • Airfare support to Korea
  • Opportunity for global networking
  • Hear lectures from industry leaders
  • Cultural tours
  • Best time of your life
The Young Generation Forum (YGF), organized by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST), brings together 110 of the brightest ethnic Koreans from all over the world (70) and Korea (40). Participants will be pulled from countries including the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Russia, and Germany to learn more about Korea, and create a strong world-wide network. 

This is a rare opportunity to meet young generation scientists and technology leaders from all over the world as well as sharing research ideas and experience Korean culture together

The primary goals of the KOFST Young Generation Forum are to promote young Korean scientists and engineers

(1)   To contribute to the advancement of contemporary science and technology,

(2)   To understand the current scientific and technological developments in Korea,

(3)   To establish cooperative networking that will encourage future collaboration with foreign counterparts.

The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers association are proud to be able to send 16 delegates from the US to the event. The event is FREE and in addition, participants receive meals, lodging, and airfare support to Korea. Please visit the links above to learn more about the event, eligibility requirements, the application, and interesting links.

Please visit the FAQ in case you have questions, but please send any remaining questions to yg.committee@ksea.org.