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Kansas Government Documents Classification List
Welcome to the Kansas Government Documents Classifcation List.  This list is an arrangement of Kansas state government publications using the classification system originally developed by the State Library of Kansas and Emporia State University WAW library staff.  If you have questions regarding this list contact Bill Sowers at the State Library of Kansas... (ksdocs "at symbol" library.ks.gov).
This list is arranged by K-Doc number.  Basic groups with links to group pages are listed below.  This site can be searched using the box in the upper right hand corner.

Many of the titles listed here can also be located within the State Library of Kansas Catalog as well as full text online documents  at the Kansas Government Information (KGI) Online Library.

A -- Agricultural Agencies
AD -- Administrative Agencies
AG -- Adjutant General
AGI -- Aging and Disability Services 
AU - State Auditor
CB -- Commerce Agencies
CF -- Kansas Department for Children and Families
CH -- Corporation for Change
CR -- Human Rights / Civil Rights Agencies
E -- Educational Agencies and Institutions
EN -- Energy Agencies
ET -- Electric Transmission Authority
F -- Wildlife, Parks and Tourism
Q -- Local and Regional Government Agencies and School Districts
RC --- Racing and Gaming Commission
RE --- Revenue and Taxation Agencies
S -- Secretary of State
SR --- Children and Family Services, Agencies and Institutions
SS --- State Affiliated Societies, State Archives, etc
T --- Transportation Agencies
TR --- State Treasurer
TU -- Turnpike Authority
WR --- Water Use and Resources Agencies
X -- Legislative Bills, Resolutions, Calendars and Journals
Y --- Kansas Legislature and Legislative Agencies, Commissions, etc
YA --- Boards, Commissions
YC --- Interstate Commissions
YE --- Independent Boards, Commissions
Z --- Kansas Territorial Publications
ZN --- Native American Tribes and Organizations in Kansas
ZZ --- Non-Governmental Agencies, Organizations, Societies, Businesses With a Kansas Connection

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