Governmental Ethics Agencies
[KSA 25-4119A] Established 1991. 
Included in this class are the commission's predecessors:  KANSAS. PUBLIC DISCLOSURE COMMISSION   Established 1981 and abolished in 1991 with duties and powers assumed by above Commission.  KANSAS. GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS COMMISSION. Established in 1974 and abolished in 1981 with duties and powers assumed by Public Disclosure Commission.

GE 1

GE 1.1:         Annual report and recommendations of the Commission.  {1980-     }

GE 1.1:        Annual report and recommendations / Governmental Ethics Commission.  (Continued by above title.) {1974/75-1980}  

GE 1.2:                General publications.

GE 1.2:C 748/          Conflict on interest laws for state officials. {1981-     }

GE 1.2:O 61/           Opinions.   {1974-     }

GE 1.2:O 61/yr./summ./ Summary of conflict of interest advisory opinions. {1994}

GE 1.2:Pac 33/         Political action committees registered in Kansas. {1994-     }

GE 1.5:C 186/          Campaign finance: rules and regulations.

GE 1.5:L 796/          Kansas laws and regulations governing lobbying.

GE 1.6:C 186/          Campaign finance act.  {1988-    }

GE 1.8:                Handbooks, manuals, guides.

GE 1.8:C 218/          Campaign finance handbook for candidates.  {1982-     }

GE 1.9:                Expenditures reported by registered lobbyists. {1986-     }

GE 1.10:             Summary of receipts for the ... election cycle... (Cuttered by office and election  year.)  {1990-     }

GE 1.11:               Statistical summary of .... campaign finance data {1986}