The Journey to South Africa ~ Spring 2011

In this interdisciplinary course--and during our travel to South Africa—students explored a country that has been called a “miracle under (de)construction” through the lens of art, literature, history, politics, media, education and  public policy.  Throughout the spring semester, we read, viewed, discussed and researched works representative of this new democracy’s past, present and future. By examining and contextualizing the history of this amazing nation, students developed a global perspective on issues, problems and events that engage our world today and that will shape their identity as citizens tomorrow.

Pictured above (l to r):
Professor Anne-Marie Mallon
Brandon Carta
Greg McCormick
Whitney Cyr
Jillian Tomaselli
Becca Lazinsk
Alexandra Claus
Hannah Walker
Danielle Ireland
Professor Nancy Lory

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