Welcome Feminists!

What the F??

Femi-what? NOT ME. 

Take a deep breath. You probably have more in common with feminist thinkers than you realize.

To define what Feminism is, it is good to start with clarifying what feminism is NOT...

Feminists are not:

    -only women

    -all of a certain sexual orientation

    -haters of men

    -angry (well, not all the time...)

    -against wearing dresses, makeup or shaving their legs

    -only radical democrats

    -witches, bitches or bra burners

Feminists are:

    -all genders (yes ALL, not BOTH, we are inclusive a full spectrum of gender identity)

    -a variety of races, ages, shapes, sizes and styles

    -respectful & loving of men, just as they are respectful and loving of the power of women

    -support equality among sexes

    -accepting of all sexual preferences and gender identity

    -for equal pay for equal work

    -supportive of sexual freedoms and availability of contraception


Join us on Wednesdays in the Student Center Atrium (Fish Bowl Room) at 8pm!