Outline of the state of Kansas, with the text "About the Project"
The Kansas Department of Education (KSDE) and Drs. Amy Gaumer Erickson and Pattie Noonan partnered to offer the Kansans Can Competency Framework Project, inviting Pre-K - 12 educators throughout the state to participate in professional development. The project aims to support Kansas schools in implementing the College and Career Competency Framework (Gaumer Erickson, Noonan, & Soukup, 2013).

Kansans Can Competency Framework Professional Development Options
There are numerous professional development options available through the Kansans Can Competency Framework project, for individuals, school teams, and entire schools/districts. To receive information about 2018-19 professional development opportunities, complete this form.

The Kansas CCC PD Options flyer has full details on all available professional development options. Some of the options include facilitated online courses (5 weeks of online learning & discussion and 2 weeks of teaching students competency content), competency-specific training packages (multi-week process including face-to-face training, support in creating and implementing instructional plans, and feedback and coaching throughout the process), competency installation team training packages (multi-week process including a planning call with building/district administration, on-site, face-to-face professional learning, support and feedback in creating and implementing instructional plans, coaching and support for scaling up instruction, etc.), and school-wide or district-wide competency training packages. If you have questions, contact Pattie Noonan at pnoonan@ku.edu.

KS CCC Trainer/Coach Training
Are you passionate about the competencies and interested in training others? Apply to participate in intensive professional learning to become a Kansans Can Competency Framework Trainer. Trainer/Coach candidates will work directly with Drs. Noonan and Gaumer Erickson to expand their expertise through observation, coaching, performance-based assessment, and small-group learning. Once trained, Kansas Recognized Trainers provide high-quality professional development specific to competency expertise. For information on becoming a Kansas CCC Framework Trainer, contact Pattie Noonan at pnoonan@ku.edu.

Independent Book Study
Want to learn more but unable to participate in training? The Skills That Matter: Teaching Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Competencies in Any Classroom (Noonan & Gaumer Erickson, 2018) provides middle and high school educators with resources, tools, and practical examples to teach key intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies, including self-regulation, goal setting, self-efficacy, assertiveness, and conflict management. Readers will find competency-specific, evidence-based instructional strategies with examples, as well as guidance on embedding competencies within content-area instruction. The book can be purchased from Corwin Press at https://us.corwin.com/en-us/nam/the-skills-that-matter/book255639.