Charge 2012-2013

With the revision of ATSC’s overall charge at the end of academic year 2011/2012, ATSC’s work for the year is more focused on its advisory and advocacy role, discussing issues as a committee, with campus constituencies, and reporting back to their Deans and Schools. 

Some additions to the standing ATSC whole committee agenda, therefore, should be ATSC representatives reporting back on their conversations with the dean of their school, school departments, and a CELT update.

The specific activities of ATSC for the 2012/2013 year acknowledge and build upon the committee’s past work (all members are encouraged to refresh themselves by looking at past reports and meeting minutes).

This year’s charges:

1)      Showcase event – Secret Revolution III

a.       Must involve those who attended the summer USNH Academic Technology Institute (part of their agreement was to share back on their campuses)

b.      Use some sessions to provide a forum for discussion of issues from ATSC’s discussion topics/charges

c.       Review evaluations from last year and determine how to improve and grow the event

2)      Faculty technology survey

a.       Second year

b.      While wanting to keep the same questions to show trends over time, are there new questions or any that no longer are of value?

c.       If doing a giveaway to encourage participation, what will it be?

d.      If completed in the fall, perhaps a session reporting results at Secret Revolution III

3)      Implementation feedback on new LMS

a.       In late fall/early spring CELT is looking for ATSC representative participation in a pilot with Canvas

b.      Use ATSC meetings to report back feedback on what worked well, areas where more documentation/training are needed, and in general keep committee apprised of the pilot

c.       Perhaps a session at the showcase, Secret Revolution III

4)      Print management pilot – How it will affect students and faculty.   ATSC educational role:  Printing costs come from department budgets, impact on students if cost shifted

a.       Work with departments/schools to develop responsible printing strategies       

              i.      Paperless assignments
             ii.      Best practice formats (double sided, no black backgrounds for examples)

b.      Create a communication plan

c.       Perhaps a session at Secret Revolution III

5)      Due to ATSC’s advisory and advocacy role, communicate back to schools and their deans on the following topics (which could also be standing agenda discussion topics for ATSC):

a.       Online course development (CELT’s work)

b.      Labs (Dean’s work)

c.       Laptop policy (IT’s work) 

Kara Young,
Sep 10, 2012, 10:38 AM