Space Shuttle Mission Simulator Patch

Announcing the release of a limited edition signed and numbered embroidered SSMS 2010 Patch and COA.

The focus of this design is the Space Shuttle on orbit. The Sun is about to set and we see the two space stations, Mir and the ISS that the shuttle serviced orbiting the Earth. In space the constellation Aquila (the Eagle) shines brightly. Its seven stars represent a typical seven member crew – but especially those lost on missions STS-51-L and STS-107.


The border proudly shows the colors of the Flag of the USA. Across the bottom of the border are six stars. One is light blue representing Enterprise as it never left the atmosphere. The two gold stars represent the lost orbiters, Challenger and Columbia. The three white stars are for Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour still in service.



The patch is $12.00 each which includes the signed and numbered 
Certificate of Authenticity.
Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail. Those who live inside the USA will pay $8.00 per mailing. International orders will pay $16.00 per mailing. Up to 10 patches can be shipped together.
I'm sorry to announce the patch project has been indefintely postponed due to lack of interest. Please do not send an order.
There's a chance it will be released when the game is released in 2011. Keep an eye on Exciting Simulations for news.