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Welcome to Ksamil Caravan Camping

We have a small quality Caravan Camping Site in Albania, located at the entrance of a small coastal town of Ksamil, near Sarande overlooking the seaside.

The real attraction while staying at our camp site is the three islands of Ksamil. The caravan camping site is located about 150-200 metres from the seaside and it is within easy walking distance from the shops and the supermarket.

Our camping is the most frequented and used by all different nationalities as it is close to the beach and close to the shops and the main supermarket and most importantly fully equipped with all the facilities available.

Contact Alexander alekcerro@yahoo.com 00355 694263697 (whatsup / viber)

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While there are some people that choose to park along the roads or in unregulated sites, the security, facilities and hospitality available with us, makes our camp site the only sensible option to fully enjoy your holidays.

A 5-10 minutes walk along the promenade will take you there where you can enjoy fresh Mediterranean food along the bars and restaurants.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at alekcerro@yahoo.com

Onsite Facilities

The water is drinkable and free Wi-Fi.

Barbecue facilities on site.

We provide excellent sanitary facilities on site i.e. showers, toilet, running hot water.

The Camp site is located to the front of apartments and are available for rent, as well as cars for rent.

We provide Laundry facilities on site.

The camp site has the usual amenities and well maintained.

We provide gas bottle adapters for filling

Offsite Facilities

Fast Food Shop (deliveries available) Bar/Pub, Restaurants, Supermarket

There is a bus every 20 minutes to Sarande, all within walking distance.

Free chemical disposal/sewage points.

We offer assistance contacts on breakdowns at local rates.

It is managed by two teachers, Linda and Alexander, offering genuine welcoming hospitality at an amazing location.

Parking space is widely available on site accommodating cars/camper vans etc.


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