Getting To Albania

It can be entered through 26 border crossing points in the territory of the Republic of Albania:

By Air (1) 
By Sea (4) 
By Land (13)

By air

All international arrivals enter through Mother Theresa International Airport, 
The only airport in Albania with international service is "Mother Theresa" International Airport, located in Rinas, just 17 km northwest of Tirana. 
The most convenient way to get from the airport to Tirana is by taxi. The journey from Tirana to the airport takes twenty to thirty minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about 2,500 lekë (or 20 EUR) each way. 
The "Rinas Express" departs every hour between 7am and 7pm, a 24-hour as bus service between the airport and the National Museum in the center of Tirana. The bus depart hourly and the single fare is
200 Albanian Lekë (mobile phone:  00 355 69 20 98908).

"Mother Teresa" Airport
The airport has a duty free shop.
Customs operates 24 hours a day.
Phone: 00355 4/2381800/1600
Fax: 00355 4/2379065

Lost & Found:
Phone: 00355 4/2381681/82
Mobile phone:  00355 69 20 66626


By sea

Albania can be accessed by sea through its main ports. Several foreign companies have regular services to the:

Port of Durrës

Connects to the Italian ports of Bari, Ancona and Trieste in Italy and Koper in Slovenia.
Phone:  00355/052222028
Customs operate 24 hours a day.

Port of Saranda

Daily trips are made to the Greek island of Corfu.
Phone: 00355/073222734
Customs operate until 22.00 pm.

Port of Vlora

Connects to Brindisi and Otranto in Italy.
Phone:  00355/033224521
Fax: 00 355/033229417
Customs operate until 22.00pm.

Port of Shëngjin

Connects to the Italian port of Bari.
Customs operates until 22.00.

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