The most visited places while you are on Holidays Ksamil, Sarande, Albania

Visit Butrint in Albania while on sunshine holidays
Visit the ancient ruins of Butrint
It is only 5km away and it is the most visited place in Albania.
Regular bus service is available
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visit Gjirokaster Albania and rent your holiday apartmentVisit Gjikrokaster 60 km away


Visit Manastir Albania Sarande
Visit Manastir where the Corfu Chanel Incident took place.

Syri i kalter Albania Holiday Apartments and rooms to let
Visit the Blue Eye, natures excellence 20 km away.
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 Places to visit while in Albania, Visit MursiVisit Mursi, a village in the district of Sarande. The most prosecuted village during the communist area.
Some of the relics are still there, most notably the cinema in the middle of the village in a state of disrepair.
fine weather for your holiday in albania ksamilThe Weather in Albania