History of Albania

At the end of 14 century, Albania was occupied by the Roman Empire. 
Albanian National Hero

From 1443 until 1468 national hero Scanderbeg (Gjergj Kastrioti) led the Albanian resistance, winning the 25 battles against the Ottomans, Turks. 

For a very short time, after the death of Scanderbeg, the Ottoman failed to Albanian resistance, taking control of the country in 1479 and 26 years later, Kostandinopoli crashed. 

More than 400 years, Albania has been under the Ottoman regime. Successive revolts and efforts brought the Independence in 1912. 

Since from 1912 until the end of the First World War our country was attacked by neighboring states. 
The country was occupied by Mussolini's forces in 1939, ending the regime of the monarchy that lasted only 11 years. In 1943 the country was occupied by German forces. Resistance to foreign attacks is known as Anti-Fascist National Liberation front. 

Communism took over in November 1944, when foreign forces left the country. Eventually, the totalitarian regime, was established under the leadership of the communist leader Enver Hoxha. 
For 50 years, the country was in complete isolation, a result of politics (policy) that was pursued at that time. 

Albania National Museum Tirane

The policy of self isolation, left the country in economic poverty until 1991. From 1991 until 1997 the country was led by the Democratic Party, and later by the Socialist Party and its allies (2005-2007). 
After the last elections on 3 July 2005, the coalition of the Democratic Party took the power again. 
Albanian policy aims to integrate the country into the European Union. 
Now, Albania is a member of NATO. 

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