FAQ's Albania Holidays 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding your visit to Albania

Why visit Albania? 

Albania is off the beaten track and it is a mostly undiscovered tourist area. Albania has an ancient culture where the east meets the west. Cost of living is low and the quality of life is just as good as any western European country. 

What is the peak tourist season in Albania? 

The peak tourist season is in July and August. The temperatures are in the high 30s. The tourist season starts May-June and finishes in September-October. 

What is the weather like in Albania? 

Albania has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. During the summer, it never rains. In the summer it gets hot, but in the coastal areas it stays relatively cool. 

What are the local seasonal day/night temperatures? 

May to October the temperatures during the day time are in the high 30s and during the night temperature falls into low 30s. 

Are there local shops?

There are a lot of local shops from restaurants to gift shops. Many shopkeepers do not speak English well and operate the same way as the western Europe. They will only approach you if you seek help on the product.

What type of food is available in Albania, Mediterranean/Chinese/Asian? 

Most of the local restaurants are Mediterranean style, with some specialising in Italian and Greek cuisine. There are no Asian or Chinese restaurants. 

Can you drink the water in Albania? 

By and large you cannot drink the water from the taps. All shops, supermarkets, kiosks sell bottled water. If in doubt ask any of the locals, they will be more than happy to assist. 

Are the accommodations near the beach? 

All accommodations are within easy walking distance from beach. 

Do the accommodations have sea view? 

Most of the accommodations have see views. 


Most accommodations are equipped with air-conditioning systems, and are subject to fair usage policy

Cooking facilities? 

All the accommodations have a kitchen dinette furnished with all the utensils. 

Suited for disabled people? 

Some accommodations are suited for disabled people, please do ask for information before you book an apartment. 

Suited for buggies? 

Some accommodations are suited for buggies, please ask before you book. 

Is there any washing and drying facilities? 

Some accommodations have washing machines included in the price. If your apartment does not have any washing machine, please ask the owners and they will be more than happy to assist. Price per single wash is about 3 euro for 4-6 kg wash. Washing lines are provided, please note that tumble dryers are not required. 

What Currency do I need to use in Albania and what is the exchange rate? 

Currency of Albania is the Lek , however most shops can work with Euros. You can exchange your money in any of the near by banks.

Where can I exchange foreign currency or make cash withdrawals easy in Albania? 

There are many banks dotted every where, as well as many cash machines (ATMs) near the centre of any town. 

Is there a local transport service? 

There is local transport and regular bus service to all towns. Taxis are available at all times and are cheap. 

Can I hire a car in Albania? 

Yes you can hire a car in Sarande or Tirane. 

On which side of the road do they drive in Albania? 

In Albania you drive on the Right Side.

Is there private parking on site? 

All villas and apartments have private car parking facilities. 

Is there a pharmacy/doctor/health center close to the accommodation? 

Yes there is doctor and pharmacy in the resort of Ksamil.

Can you go fishing/swimming/diving/water ski-ing? 

Yes there are many activities you can participate in although scuba diving is not well developed in Albania. 

Is Albania a safe country to visit? 

Albania is as safe as any other western European country, further more in Albania annoyance to the foreign nationals is unheard of. 

What local activities are available and is there local entertainment in the evenings? 

In Albania there are bars with great atmosphere. Many locals will advise you what to visit near by.

Are there any local interpreter services? 

Many Albanians do not speak English  but in Sarande, Ksamil most do speak Greek and Italian and some do speak English. Our agent Alexander offers interpretation services to all of our clients should they encounter any minor problems.