Albanian Culinary products 
The Albania cuisine is one of the very best you will ever get to taste, all as fresh as they come, Albanians do not believe in conserved and packaged foods. There are plenty of restaurants, located near the seaside serving freshly caught fish. Restaurants serve European favorites food and mostly a variety blend of Mediterranean with Greek and Ottoman flavours dishes too. Vegetarians will find themselves in a paradise, with plenty of freshly cut salads, fruits and cooked vegetable dishes. 
Prices in Albania 
You can have a very nice meal in Albania for a fraction of the cost you will pay in any other European country, a bottle of wine in a restaurant will cost you 4 euros. An up-market flat in the resort of Ksamil (better furnished than Corfu) with sea side view will set you back 35 euros per night. 

Restaurants and Shops

The seaside restaurants provide excellent fresh Mediterranean food, offering a contemporary dining experience, while the diverse bars are perfect for a relaxing drink. 

The local shops provide all the necessary items you need to have a nice holiday in this part Albania.

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Albania Holidays resort of Ksamil, Sarande

Albania Information

Fantastic Holiday Deals
Self-Catering Rentals

Albania Holiday Apartments for Rent

May & June  €20 

September & October €20
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Weather in Albania

Albania Holidays Weather in Tirane, AB

Investing in Albania

Albania is a lucrative place for property investors more