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    Name: Katsuro Sakai
    Degree: Doctor of Sciences
    Affiliation: Kanagawa University
                         Faculty of Engineering
                         Department of Mathematics
    Research Fields: Infinite-Dimensional Topology,
                                  ANR Theory (Theory of Retracts),
         Dimension Theory, Shape Theory
 Keywords: Infinite-Dimensional Manifolds, Function Spaces, 
                        Hyperspaces, ANRs, Dimensions, Universal Spaces, Shape

 Retired from the University of Tsukuba at the end of March, 2013
 The book "Geometric Aspects of General Topology" was published from Springer in 2013.
 Springer's page of this book: Geometric Aspects of General Topology 
 Reviews of this book: MAA-review; zbMATH-reviewAMS-MR 

The first attached file below is corrections and changes
 of the book "Geometric Aspects of General Topology,"
 and the second is the publication list.

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2016/10/07 12:55
Katsuro Sakai,
2019/04/20 2:39