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We can imagine and consider many mathematical abstract concepts, such as numbers, spaces, maps, dimensions, etc., that can be indefinitely extended beyond infinity in our minds and combined in various ways. Contemplating our mathematical ability in such a manner, I can recall this phrase from the Scriptures:

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has even put eternity in their heart; yet mankind will never find out the work that the true God has made from start to finish. --- Ecclesiastes 3:11

May our Maker be glorified! Our brain is the work of his hands, as in Psalms 100:3  "Know that Jehovah is God. He is the one who made us, and we belong to him''. There are really many reasons to give thanks to God. Our mathematical ability is one of them.

     The scripture are cited from New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (2013 Revision)

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次元に関する説明は ウキペディア/次元 を参照.


神は全てを適切な時に美しくした.神は人に,永遠を思う心さえ与えた.それでも人は,真の神の行いを決して知り尽くすことがない.--- 伝道の書 3:11

私たちを造られた方が賛美されますように! 私たちの頭脳はその方の手の業,詩編100:3にこうあるとおりです「エホバがであることを知れ.その方が私たちを造った.私たちはその方のもの」.神に感謝を捧げるべき実に多くの理由がある.私たちの数学的能力もその一つである.

     聖句は「新世界訳聖書」(日本語訳 2019年改訂版) からの引用