Tutorial 1 - LED pulse

Firstly, below is the finished code that you will need to type into a new Arduino sketch. I have commented the code (in green text) to give you an idea of how to comment and what each line is basically doing.

// Project 1 - LED Flasher
//set variable ledPIN as  Pin 10 (Pin on the Arduino)
int ledPin = 10; 
void setup() {
//set the pin 10 mode to output
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); 
//start a loop
void loop() { 
//set ledPIN variable to high
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); 
//set the time to 1 second
//set ledPIN variable to low
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); 
//set the time to 1 second

This sketch above is very simple and will require you to have the following components to make the circuit.
1 x Red LED
2 x jumper leads (1 Red and 1 Blue)
1 x 150 Ohm resistor
1 x Breadboard
1 x Arduino

Have a look at the videos page and familiarise yourself with the components you will be using...
Write the code into a new sketch and save it.