Krzysztof J. Pelc

I am William Dawson Scholar and Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at McGill University

My research examines the international political economy, with a focus on international rules. I am interested in how the design of rules affects odds of cooperation, and how some rules may benefit some countries over others. This has led me to write about participation in institutions, privacy and publicity, the effects of (il)legitimacy on political outcomes, optimal ambiguity, the impact of hard times on cooperation, and the circumstances under which actors are allowed to break formal rules. Much of this research looks specifically at the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). My work appears in International Organization, the American Political Science Review, World Politics, the International Studies Quarterly, the World Trade Review, the British Journal of Political Science, the Journal of International Economic Law, and the Journal of Conflict Resolution, among others, and is supported by multiple grants from SSHRC and the FQRSC.   

I am completing a book manuscript, entitled "Making and Bending International Rules: The Design of Exceptions and Escape Clauses in Trade Law", that brings together some of the main points of this research agenda. The book addresses the means by which WTO members have resolved what has been called the institution’s “architectural challenge”: how can we attain the benefits of flexibility, whereby countries are allowed to temporarily break the rules when faced with hard times, while curbing its abuse?

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(Winner of the 2009 Cambridge University Press Prize for International Economic Law)

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Working Papers

• “Making and Bending International Trade Rules: Solving the WTO's Architectural Challenge”, Book Manuscript, McGill University.

• “Fear of Crowds in WTO Disputes: Why Don't More Countries Participate?” (with Leslie Johns, UCLA), presented at the Stanford University IR Workshop and the Princeton IR speaker series. Under Review. 

• "Do WTO Disputes Actually Increase Trade?" (With Stephen Chaudoin and Jeff Kucik), Under Review.