Family and Friends

Our Family

My Brother My Dad his wife and myself
Bobbie            Trey        Harold            Robert



Katrina on a Ridley Motorcycle


Our Boys at Astroworld


Our Mutant Ninja Turtles

Trey and Marla (Harold's Brother)

The Porter's and Harold's brother

Harold Jr. the Eagle Scout


Stephen the Graduate

 Grandpa Moit

GreatGrandpa Moit


The Moit's
Harold's Great Grandparents


The Schrader's
Harold's Great Grandparents

The  Henry's
Harold's Great Grandparents


Katrina's mom and dad
Jim and Lou


Lou Weiss
with  Stephen Ricky and Harold Jr.


Katrina's Dad
Jim Weiss)


Katrina with her mom and dad

Stephen McKenna Harold Jr and Jarod

Grandma Keeney

Uncle Vern and the band

The Payne Family My Granparents my Mom and my Uncle

The Payne's
Harold's Grandparents mom and uncle

Flora and Andrew Penzo
Katrina's Grandparents

Jim Weis at age 14
Katrina's Dad

Jim Weiss


Jim Katrina and Lou

Theresa, Kevin, Katrina and Lesa
Katrina and her siblings

Theresa and Lesa

The Arkansas Generation 1975
Weiss family

Bud Porter and Vern Keeney
Harold's dad and uncle

Bud Porter

Bud Porter

My Dad

Bud Porter

Harold's Grandmother

Harold and Maxine Porter
Harold's Grandparents


Our Friends