Brian Krupp 

Doctor of Engineering

Washkewicz College of Engineering

Cleveland State University    @briankrupp

"What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it"

My name is Brian Krupp and I received my doctorate from Washkewicz College of Engineering, Cleveland State University in May 2015.  I am excited to be joining Baldwin Wallace University's Computer Science Department as Assistant Professor in Fall 2015! 

Below is a brief summary of my education, research, teaching, service, and professional experience.  The below links to my CV and LinkedIn profile contain more details.

Curriculum Vitae    LinkedIn Profile


Doctorate of Engineering – May 2015

Cleveland State University, Cleveland OH

IEEE ETA KAPPA NU (HKN) Honor Society Inductee

Advisors Wenbing Zhao and Nigamanth Sridhar

Dissertation Title: Enhancing Security and Privacy for Mobile Systems

M.S. in Computer and Information Science - December 2010

Cleveland State University, Cleveland OH

Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Association Inductee

Thesis Title: Exploration of Dynamic Web Page Partitioning for Increased Web Page Delivery Performance

B.S. in Computer Information Systems - May 2005

Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea OH


Research Interests

With the pervasiveness of mobile devices, the security and privacy of these devices are a growing concern.  My research focuses on enhancing the security and privacy controls of mobile devices while keeping in tact the existing controls and trust of the operating system.  While previous and current research has utilized methods that require modification of the mobile operating system or device to be jailbroken, I believe this is an unsustainable approach and have focused on methods that do not require modifying the OS.  The methods I have proposed focus on adding the enhanced security and privacy controls directly to the application by modifying its runtime implementation dynamically.  My current research focus is evaluating the capability of combining cloud services with machine learning to provide enhanced security and privacy controls to overcome the computing power and energy restrictions in mobile devices.  Another area of interest is utilizing machine learning to provide adaptive security and privacy controls for users and organizations utilizing mobile devices.

I am also interested in research to solve the computing deficit issue where domestically there will be a predicted one million gap in computing jobs available and those that can fill those jobs by 2022.  In this realm I have done work in the community with the goal of removing any barrier for young students to learn programming and develop computational thinking skills.

If you are interested in the research that I am working on, please contact me at


  • Brian Krupp, Nigamanth Sridhar, and Wenbing Zhao. "An Ontology for Enforcing Security and Privacy Policies on Mobile Devices."  Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development (KEOD’14). October 21–24, 2014. Rome, Italy. (Accepted)
  • Brian Krupp. "Memory Leaks in iOS 7 - iOS Networking APIs are leaking memory. The good news: You can stop them." Dr. Dobb's.
  • Brian Krupp, Nigamanth Sridhar, and Wenbing Zhao “A Framework for Enhancing Security and Privacy on Unmodified Mobile Operating Systems”, in Proceedings of MCSC Workshop on 33rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS) 2013
  • Brian Krupp, Nigamanth Sridhar, and Wenbing Zhao “A Survey of Security and Privacy Protection in Mobile Devices”, IGI Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology 3rd Edition.
  • Brian Krupp and Timothy Arndt “An Implementation of a Dynamic Partitioning Scheme for Web Pages”, IJCSI Volume 9, Issue 3 May 2012
  • Brian Krupp and Timothy Arndt “Dynamic Web Page Partitioning and Concurrent Retrieval for Improved Web Browser Response”, in Proceedings of IADIS e-Society 2011, Avila, Spain, March 10-13, 2011


Cleveland State University

  • Spring 2014 EEC 484/584 Computer Networks (Graduate/Undergraduate) (2 Sessions)
  • Spring 2013 EEC 484/584 Computer Networks (Graduate/Undergraduate)
  • Fall 2011 EEC 492/592 iPhone Application Development (Graduate/Undergraduate)

Baldwin-Wallace College

  • Spring 2012 CSC 141 – Advanced Applications for Information Analysis


  • Serving on Organizing Commitee for IEEE SmarTech 2016 as Chair of the PhD Symposium
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing - 2014
  • Volunteer with TECHie Club where we help educate elementary school students in areas of technology – Fall 2013 and Fall 2014
  • Gave presentations to High Schools including Westlake High School and talked to students about career at Hyland and why students should be interested in a computing career.
  • In partnership with Human Resources, held Open House for faculty and staff in the Northeast Ohio region to educate them on programs offered at Hyland, resources to justify a technology program within their school district, and resources to teach and support their technology programs. 
  • Worked with Hyland to build technology program in community outreach.  Examined programs we offer throughout a student’s life and introduced new programs to complement existing and ensure we are targeting each phase.  Started several programs including Hyland Tech Camp, Tech Club, High School Presentations, Faculty Open House, and High School Innovation Showdown.
  • Ran “Hour of Code” at Field Trip at Hyland with students to get them exposed to coding.  Also during field trips talked to students about experiences as a software developer along with several other software developers.
  • Serving on Cuyahoga Valley Career Center Advisory Board
  • Partnering with Tech Corps to pilot High School Programming Camp in Summer 2015.  Building curriculum for the program and continually meet with director of Tech Corps to review curriculum.  
  • Started Hyland Tech Club, a technology club that meets three times a month during a school year.  Designed curriculum for club and teach sessions as well as assist other instructors.  Performed review of applications from students.
  • Started Hyland Tech Camps which provide students in the area a camp that introduces them to certain technology concepts.  Throughout the camps, students have built web pages and used JavaScript where they can turn their web page into a mobile application using Apache Cordova.  2014
  • Established University Partnership with CSU’s Engineering Department to provide real world projects and mentoring to college students.  First program set to run in Spring 2015.
  • Mentored High School Student Interns at Hyland Software to build a mobile application for the Beck Center for the Arts utilizing AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Apache Cordova.  Built training curriculum for interns to quickly learn core concepts.  Application that was built is designed to engage students at the Beck Center by having them perform a scavenger hunt and learn about the different programs and areas of the Beck Center - 2014
  • Met with Baldwin Wallace University to help define internship and senior project of Software Engineering major in Computer Science department. - 2013
  • Organized first annual “High School Innovation Showdown” at Hyland Software where high school students from local schools designed an innovative product utilizing engineering background and presented a prototype the following week in competition with other teams. - 2013
  • Reviewer - IGI Global Chapter “Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology" - 2012

Professional Experience

Software Developer - May 2012 to Present

Hyland Software, Westlake, OH

Enterprise Solution Architect, Distributed Systems Engineer, & Security Consultant - May 2005 to May 2012

KeyBank, Cleveland, OH

Technical Analyst - January 2002 to May 2005

Global eXchange Services, Brook Park, OH

More details on my professional experience can be found in my CV.