Crop Circles

Kruhy v Obilí - Czech version

For a basic introduction to the issue it is possible to read an article on Wikipedia - Crop Circle.
Many of explanation there are right from the sphere of supernatural or transcendental.
Really great encyclopedic deal, Wiki. ;-)

Much more realistic view of the issues can be found for example here, also many photos
Steve Alexander archive
Lucy Pringle archive
Frank Laumen archive (Here one finds also some photos from Germany and Holland)

Crop Circle Archive - Here is possible search for the occurrence of figures from all over the world, with links to various sources.

On the page will supposedly be gradually published one of the largest databases of GPS Crop Circles in the world. At the same time the only one that will to the vast majority of localized Crop Circles occurrences provide the accurate location of figure models in the terrain through Google Earth.

At the same time on many sub-pages around the web Crop Circles gradually published an entirely new theory, entirely free from existing delusions of paranormal, spirituality, transcendental and ufology. Uses only scientific procedures and verifiable experiments. No choice but to keep fingers crossed, that all followers of the supernatural could be deprived of at least one load.


cerchi nel grano



Круги на полях