Latest Sightings


 Rufous-bellied Heron

Latest Sightings

01 February - 2 Allen's Gallinules at Skukuza Bird hide.

30 January - 3 Lesser Moorhen at Leeupan

30 January - 5 Pygmy Geese at Leeupan.

30 January - 7 Allen's Gallinules at Leeupan.

04 December - 2 Purple Herons at Lake Panic bird hide.

24 November - Yellow-billed Oxpecker next to the road near H1-7 and S58 junction.

24 November - Both Pink-throated Twinspot and Rudd's Apalis in Nwambiya (Nyandu) Sandveld, also Fawn-coloured Lark were recorded here in large numbers.

24 November - Dickenson's Kestrel near S53 at Nkulumbeni.

24 November - Alpine Swift at Crook's corner, Pafuri.

24 November - Blue-cheecked Bee-eater at Crook's corner, Pafuri.

24 November - White-backed Night-Heron at Crook's corner, Pafuri.

23 November - Grey-headed Gull at Langtoon dam (not along public roads).

23 November - 1 Male Pallid Harrier at Langtoon dam (not along public roads).

20 November - Tambourine Dove recorded along Sabie river in Skukuza staff Village.

06 September - At least 2 African Snipe seen from the deck in Lower Sabie along the edge of the dam on an area of short grass. 

06 September - 2 Sacred Ibis seen from deck in Lower Sabie along the edge of the dam.

11 August - Grey-backed Finchlark. Numerous small flocks seen in the area surrounding Mlondozi Dam north of Lower Sabie.

20 July - Cape Robin seen at the Skukuza Nursery and the Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher was seen again.

19 July - Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher seen at the Skukuza Nursery.

10 July - Purple Heron seen at the Skukuza (lake panic) bird hide.

05 July - Female Narina Trogon seen flying around the Pafuri picnic site.

05 July - Fawn-coloured Lark seen in the Nwambiya Sandveld.

05 July - Pink-throated Twinspot seen in the Nwambiya Sandveld.

02 July - Alpine Swift. One bird seen on the Lebombo mountains NE of Tshokwane.

01 July - Madagascar Squacco Heron seen at same site as the previous species(Rufous-bellied Heron).

01 July - Rufous-bellied Heron at Nhlowa spruit along the Sabie river approximately 0.5km from the Mozambique border.

03 June - Chestnut-banded Plover at Silowene dam.

02 June - 3 Sacred Ibis at Silowene dam south of Tshokwane.

07 May - One Golden-rumped Tinkerbird seen in my garden, I heard the bird calling near the end of our street and whistled the call, it was there in seconds, and then continued to call in our garden for quite a while afterwards. 

05 May - Plain-backed Pipit on the dirt road to Balule 7km north of Satara.

03 May - 3 Cuckoo Hawks seen calling over our house, I had recorded two of them regularly over the past   few months, but this is the first time I have seen 3 together and, although I couldn't see them very well, I assume that they may have been breeding and the third bird was a juvennile.

30 April - White-backed Night-heron at pioneer dam.

29 April - Yellow-billed Oxpecker on a herd of about 100 buffalo at Chalungwa fountain on the road to Nyalaland trails camp, White-backed Night-heron at pioneer dam.

Interesting Sightings

These are some of the more interesting birds I've recorded in the past within the boundaries of the Kruger National Park.

Madagascar Squacco Heron - Seen at the Nhlowa spruit on the lebombo 4x4 Eco trail, one adult in non-breeding plumage was seen flying away and attempting to land on top of a large clump of reeds before continuing to fly further into the river and was not seen again.

Rufous-bellied Heron - Seen at the Nhlowa spruit on the Lebombo 4x4 Eco trail where I photographed a female. The spruit runs into the Sabie river about 0.5-1.0km from the Mozambique border.

White-starred Robin - Once in my garden in Skukuza, to my knowledge this is the only record of this species in the park.

Thrush Nightingale - 4 times, twice at Pafuri, once at the Stevenson-Hammilton memorial and once in my Garden where it stayed for about two months and managed to evade any attempts I made at getting a good photo of it, eventually I just recorded a video where the sound is clear as it really is a very vocal species, especially on cloudy days, and under such conditions, regularly called throughout the day.

Allen's Gallinule - Twice, one Juvennile at the Skukuza bird hide, and another time, during 2000, roughly 30 individuals at Leeupan, I believe that they were breeding here as most of the birds were juvenniles.

Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher - Regularly in my garden during the winter months.

Cape Batis - on three occasions in my garden, always during winter and, as for the previous species, probably a result of altitudinal migration. Also recorded once at Pretoriuskop where they are probably recorded the most in the park.

Narina Trogon - In my garden during winter months, recorded every year from 1999 up to 2005, during 2002, I am aware of at least 3 individuals here at the same time as I found a heap of feathers where an African Goshawk had caught one, and then observed two individuals (male and Female) the following day.

Wood Owl - In my garden where it regularly roosts in a large Sycomore Fig.

Ayere's Eagle - Once near the Klopperfontein turn-off from the tar road to Pafuri.

Yellow-bellied (Variable) Sunbird - Once at a site next to the Luvuvhu river at Pafuri.

Honey Buzzard - Once in my garden.

Cuckoo Hawk - On several occasionsions in Skukuza, as noted elsewhere on this page, 3 birds observed over my house, and also recorded during 2000 and 2002.

Pygmy Goose - Several times at Jones's Dam and twice at Rooibosrandt dam.

Glossy Ibis - Once at Leeupan and there was an individual present on the skukuza golf course for about 2 weeks during 2000.

Osprey - Once at Skukuza bird hide in 2006.

Black Sparrowhawk - Once at Skukuza Primary school and on two other occasions on the Mahonie loop at Punda Maria.  

Black Coucal - On the plains north of Lower Sabie during 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005, during 2002 I saw 4 individuals in the space of 15 minutes. In 1999 I saw 1 individual on the H6 towards Nwanetsi.

Racket-tailed Roller - Pafuri, 3 times during 2006, always at the same location (not open to the public), once 2 individuals were present, and three were present on both the other occassions.

Pearl-breasted Swallow - Once on the Skukuza Golf course 2004.

Pink-throated Twinspot - Regularly in the Nwambia Sandveld.