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Preschool Bday Celebration

Birthday Party 

Family Party

1st Day of Pre-School

1st Dentist Trip 

 This is my preschool class, we sang at church on Sunday Morning, I did a great job, Preschool Sunday Pictures

 Mom and dad took me on the pumpkin express, you can see more photos of that trip here Pumpkin Express

Grampy's Pumpkin Garden

     Every year Grampy plants pumpkins, this year he got a weird one with hair on it.  

Oh wait, that's not hair, it's my head!




Trip to Costco was Fun!

I had a wonderful time at Costco with Mom and Grandpa, I'd really like Santa to bring me this drumset for Christmas.

Birthday Celebrations 

    I had a wonderful time with my friends at my party. It rained, but mom and company converted the garage into a Blue's Clues Wonderland. We had pizza, cake and gifts and we all got buckets filled with goodies. Be sure to check out the pictures on the left.

Here are me and daddy mowing Grandpa's lawn.

    Hi! I'm Kenny-Ray.  I'll be four on Sunday September 23rd and I can't wait!! I'm having a birthday party with my friends on Saturday. I love friends. 

    My favorite thing to do on the weekends is go to the Old Train Station with my dad and ride the old train.  During the week I like to play with my Thomas & Friends and go to pre-school.

    I am learning how to read and write.  I enjoy doing simple math and playing with my little sister Luci.

Train Track Frame

A new train for me?

 Pizza Pizza, we made pizza! Yummy!