Luci June

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Mom & Dad 




Trunk or Treat

Trick or Treat   


Slide Playtime 


Party Animal 

Long overdue for an update.

Luci-June is 18 months old now. She is the life of any party. She loves to dance and follow Kenny-Ray around.  We had a wonderful Christmas with our family.  Matt had the week off so we also had some fun playing in the snow.  


Trick or Treating

     I had a fun time trick or treating. Brother showed me how and I got the hang of it pretty quickly.  We also went trunk or treating at church. I didn't want to leave I was having so much fun.  Check out my links for more fun pictures.



  Playing outside with Kenny-Ray

Since the weather has been so nice, we have been playing outside a lot. I really like to do multiple laps up and down the slide. Check out my links for more outdoor play pictures. 



The Pumpkin Express

The Pumpkin Express took us from Woodland to West Sacramento and back.  We rode in open and closed cars, we stopped at the biggest pumpkin patch and we got cookies and apple juice on the way back to the train station. 

Enjoying the Ride 

 Wow, that's the most pumpkins I ever saw.




Playing in Grandpa's Pumpkin Garden

Shopping with Brother

Hats, Hats & Buckets










I  Love my daddy, I follow him around everywhere.

Luci's New Outfit

Luci in the American River