I am a Marketing researcher with extensive background in linguistics. 
Language is a fascinating ability of human kind. It can be especially interesting in interaction with other aspects of human behavior, such as social relationships, cooperation, emotions and attitudes.

I implement my knowledge in the research of User-Generated Content, Social Networks, Pro-Social Marketing strategies and Word of Mouth. 

For instance, I explore ways to detect insincerity in user-generated content, based on the language that people use. I do this  in collaboration with computer scientists, combining behavior experiments and developing a code to automatize this detection process.

In another project, an analysis of the language of product reviews shows that when people write about fun experiences (what is called hedonic consumption), they tend to use more figurative language (metaphor, word play). In fact, the use of figurative language in product reviews can make people believe that the product is more hedonic (more fun). All this happens because of the psychological link between emotional states and language. 

Another example is the prominent use of assertive communication in marketing and social messages, as in "Save our planet!" or Nike's "Just Do It!". In several works I explain why marketers use this language, despite its natural tendency to evoke resistance in people, 
and when can it actually be more convincing than a gentle tone.

I examine how the sounding of a brand name can affect attitudes towards the brand name, even before the meaning of the name crosses our mind.

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Current position: 
Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.
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