Pharmaceutical and Scientific division.

We service all makes of reach-in and walk-in stability chambers for the pharmaceutical industries.

Need new sensors or controllers, because your old ones are not calibrating or maintaining a tight setpoint ?
We can retro-fit your chambers with Watlow controllers and sensors, also other quality brands.

Do you have a 2 to 8C walk-in with high humidity ? We can retro-fit it and reduce the RH to </= 40% 

Do you have chambers that are 10+ years old ? We still service them, and have most of the parts for them in stock.
Do you have a walk-in stability chamber that does not pass mapping or uniformity ? Give us a call we can correct your poor air flow and improve your uniformity.

We are refrigeration experts, with over 40 years of experience in unusual refrigeration applications.
Older mechanical refrigeration systems repair not a problem.

All equipment reaches a point in time where it is not worth your while to continue repairing it.
We are going to be honest and up front with you about this.
After all who really likes writing deviation reports and worrying about receiving a 483 ? 

Voice 732-462-5689
Fax 732-876-0221

scientific - scientific(at)krohnrefrig(dot)com
Note: you just need to replace the (at) with the @ sign and the (dot) with a period when typing out the email address.

We can assist you with documentation may need for your IQ/OQ/PQ paperwork for older chambers.

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