Policy's and FAQ's

We service speciality refrigeration.

We typically do not work for any retail food establishments. Such as restaurants, fast food, food stores or etc. 

We do not do any residential refrigeration, air conditioning or heating.

We only do commercial air conditioning and heating for our specialty refrigeration customers.

Payment for service:

School's are via PO.
Many laboratories and pharmaceuticals are Credit Card.

All Others are COD, we do not extend credit.

Our preferred method is for you to have a credit card on file with us and sign an agreement that we can invoice to your credit card the following day after the work is performed.
There may be a rare exception to the above, please contact the office during business hours for details.

New customers will need to fill out a payment agreement which is reviewed, prior to our arrival.
No new customers will be considered on weekends or holidays.
Estimates and Quotes:
Most of our work is Time and Material.
If a estimate or quote is requested given for a project, It is always only good for 30 days from the date on the estimate or quote. No Expectations.
Purchase orders written off of one of our estimates or quotes can not be good beyond that date. (Date of estimate or quote + 30 days)
Additionally, actual work done from a estimate or quote is not a firm price. Once work starts there can be unforeseen circumstances could cause the price to be higher.

We warranty our labor workmanship for 90 days.
Parts warranty is the manufacturer's warranty, which varies. Please call the office during business hours for details.
Warranties, are subject to change without notice, and void if customer does not want to follow the manufacturers recommended installation. 
If we did not sell the equipment or parts, then there will be no warranty from us. You will need to obtain the warranty parts from the manufacturer.
You will have to pay the labor for the repair.
Normal business hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm ( EDT ) local time Monday through Friday. All other times will be invoiced at time and a half.
All holidays are time and a half.

We are not a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week company, unless you are one of our customers that does a preventive inspection program with us.

Travel time:
Over the years, we have tried different ways to recoup the lost time, fuel and etc for travel. 
You pay for travel from our shop to your business or school one way. Essentially, our "on the clock time" begins when we pull out of our shop driveway.
Therefore, if your 30 minutes away, then you will see an additional 30 minutes on your work order and invoice.
You do not pay for stops, traffic jams or etc. The office staff knows how long it takes to get to all of our customers.
Time generally starts from the shop, even though a tech may have come from another job to you.
An exception is: if the time is less between customers, then from the shop, you will be charged the lessor time.
Therefore, you are 30 minutes from the shop, however the tech was at a job 15 minutes away from you, then you will only have an additional 15 minutes on your work order and invoice.