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A very special trend is taking place in our world today. There is a great movement in the direction of Spiritualism and Self-Realisation, in spite the great chaos around us, caused by just a handful of persons. BUT, there are also a handful of great souls, who are making us aware that "This World Is Full of Love". They have dedicated their lives to guide us towards this direction of Love,Spiritualism and Self-Realization.


One such person is Mr.Desmond Yeoh Seng Cheong (my Spiritual Brother). If not for whom many of us, and I myself, will not have had the opportunity to participate in BABAJI'S esteemed Kriya Self-Realization Path. He has dedicated himself to propagate Spiritulism, Self-Realisation and Love with BABAJI'S guidance. The first step he took was to organise Babaji's Kriya Yoga Meditation courses in Malaysia (bringing the benefit to many people).Now his second step--he has undertaken to write this great book


His book opens the gateway to guide our enquiring minds along the path to "The Higher Truth" of Love, Spiritualism and Self-Realisation. As you read this book you find yourself saying "hey! these are the very doubts in my mind, and these are the answers I am looking for towards my spiritulism. Oh! my God, I am grateful for clearing my perception and showing the way to the Higher Truth in a simple way that a simple mind can understand. Desmond has written this book with lots of important details in a simple way, with illustrated examples for easy understanding. This book should be one of First book to be read by an aspirant towards Self-Realization and Spiritualism.


As I read through this book, two statements hit me hard in my head:

(1)"There Is Nothing To Achieve" i.e. Just Let Go:

(2)"Surrender" i.e. Let Your ego Go.

Just let go and surrender and follow the Guidance and Teachings of BABAJI, and all else will follow.


When I came to the section on "SURRENDER" and realised this great truth as to how my ego was holding me back from real Spiritualism, I just could not help myself feeling the great tension in my lachrymal glands--just managed to hold back the tear drops from falling. I could feel BABAJI"S VOICE in Desmond's book.


This book will bring a great wealth of knowledge to all of us who are earnestly looking and moving in the path of Self-Realisation.




Dr.Subhassh Rajoo

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