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Resources I Created

Data Literacy
Data Literacy Infographic

Here is an infographic that I created to illustrate how data literacy is important to all subjects that are taught in school, not just math and science.  In this digital age, when students are confronted with excesses quantities of information on a daily basis, it is essential that we teach students the skills to  analyze data.  For an in-depth explanation of data literacy please read this Google Doc where I explain my infographic and my annotated bibliography for data literacy.

Technology Leadership

Leadership Philosophy

This Doc is a representation of my Leadership Philosophy.  I believe the ability to collaborate, lead by example, and foster mentoring relationships are some of the key characteristics of excellent technology leaders. Click here to see the full screen Doc.

Three Tech Leadership Resources

This Doc you will find information about three specific Tech Leadership resources geared towards implementing Project Based Learning and Inquiry Learning in the classroom.  Click here to see the full screen Doc.

Support for Education Technology in the K-12 Classroom

In this Doc you will find information about how I would utilize learning theories to develop technology professional development for teachers.  To create an effective professional development I believe that it is important to draw from multiple learning theories as well as consider the fact that a technology tool in itself is not going to transform learning or teaching.  It is important for teachers to have a clear learning objective first before they try to incorporate technology into a lesson.  To create an environment of sustained learning and innovation I also believe that it is critical for teachers to collaborate in a Professional Learning Network.  Click here to see the full screen Doc.

Education  Philosophy

Education Philosophy Group Presentation

This is a group presentation in which we utilized Education Philosophy to create out ideal learning environment.

Rubenstein Education Philosophy Paper

This Doc is written in the form of a dialogue between myself and historical education philosophers.  It is meant to illustrate my personal education philosophy.  Click here to see the full screen Doc.