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Links to Technology Resources

Here are links to resources that I use (or that I am learning to use) to implement technology in my classes.

Web based presentation software.
Web based presentation software.
Tool for creating interactive, linked images.

Checking for Understanding
App to create quizzes to gain instant feedback on student understanding.  

Free game-based app for teachers to create quizzes to check for understanding.


Resource for Physics related images.
Online tutorial for high school physics students.
Great teacher resource for genetics, cell biology, ecology and more.

Web based design software.
Web tool used for creating infographics and posters.
Infographic creator.

Student Collaboration
Free online tool for student collaboration under supervision of instructor.
Safe way for teachers to text students.

Study Tools
Allows students to create and share flashcards and take quizzes.

App or Web-based program that allows students to create notes, make flashcards and take quizzes.  Also allows students to connect with other students in the same courses at their school or other schools.

App Creation
Easy to use Android app creating tool
Video recording software and Chrome extension.
Embed quizzes in Youtube videos.  Share with your class and collect data on their progress.
Collection of free educational videos organized by topic.
Synchronized note taking while you watch videos.

Free online graphing calculator.

Easy to use, web based tool for graphing and sharing data.

Google Apps