How I Implement the Curriculum Biology

NGSS Curriculum

First Grade Cell Project

Here is an example of how I used Google Slides in my Biology class.  In this case students collaborated to create a presentation with the purpose of teaching biology content to first graders.

Block 7 Peer Grading Rubric Group 3

Here is an example of how I used Google Forms for peer grading during presentations of a Protein Synthesis project.  Click here to see a full screen version of the Google Form.

Student Essay

Periodically students were asked to type essays in which they demonstrate understanding of scientific concepts covered in class lectures and labs.  Click here to see a full screen version of this Google Doc.

Stick Draw DNA Replication

This animation was created, using the Stick Draw app on their Asus tablets, by two of my students to illustrate the process of protein synthesis.

Students used technology to present concepts to small groups of students.

Here a student is using the peer grading form on her Asus tablet while classmates are presenting.

One day, while I was out for training, I had students complete an assignment in their science notebook and e-mail me (using their tablet) proof that they completed the assignment during the class period. 

YouTube Video

Here is an example of how a group of students decided to use Minecraft to create models to teach first grade students about the difference between animal and plant cells.