Parent Infomation

What resources exist to help my student succeed in science?

When can my student receive help outside of class time?

  • Before school: Most mornings (7am) in room S8
  • Lunch time: Monday through Friday in room S2. Make an appointment or walk in for help. Ask for Ms. Shields if you do not see her.
  • After school: Tuesdays in room S2. Please let Ms Shields know you are planning to come in for help.

What should my student do when absent from school?

  • Check the class calendar for missed assignments
  • Email Ms. Shields ( with any questions or concerns
  • Plan on coming in to make up work. The more school that is missed, the more time it will take to make up work
  • Try to complete make up work as soon as possible to avoid feeling behind on new topics in class

How often should I see my student doing science homework?

  • IS1   Homework is assigned 2-3 nights a week during first semester and 3-4 times a week during second semester
  • IS3   Homework is assigned almost daily (average time of 30-45 mintus)
  • IS3 Honors  Homework is assigned daily (average time of 45-60 minutes)


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