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Welcome to my personal website. Here you can find information about my professional background and the research that I am currently undertaking in Norway.
I am working as a post-doctoral research fellow in Oslo, Norway in the Cardiac Modelling department of Simula Research Laboratory. My work is carried out as a part of the Centre for Cardiac Innovation at Simula Research Laboratory in Fornebu, Oslo, and at Rikshospitalet (in conjunction with Oslo University Hospital).

From March 2010, I was working at INRIA-Sophia Antipolis, France in the Asclepios research  project team as a pre-PhD student (March - September) and as a PhD student (October 2010 - September 2013). My research involved analysing biomedical images (such as MRI, US etc.) using image processing methods, mathematics, and statistics. The aim of my work was to develop reduced-order models of cardiac growth, motion and blood flow. 

I completed a Master of Science degree in mathematics at Massey University, New Zealand in February 2010. For further details on my studies, and an overview of the courses I have taken, see the CV page.


For any questions or comments, feel free to contact me by phone or email.


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