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Book Blog Tour The Truth Lies in the Dark

Thanks for coming and for your interest in my Book Blog Tour.  The following is a tentative schedule of my virtual tour.  I have enjoyed visiting these blogs and am excited to share my book and writing experiences with all of their fans and you, if you choose to follow along.  Keep checking in as new stops are added.  The ones in red have already been posted but can be viewed in hosting blog's archives.

March 15, 2009
Ask Wendy- The Query Queen
Host: Wendy Burt-Thomas
Extra Info: Wendy is the author of The Writer's Digest Guide to Query Letters (Jan.2009)
Details: Wendy's 10 Questions Author's Interview
March 16, 2009 
Host: Nancy J. Cohen
Extra Info: Nancy is the author of popular series 'Bad Hair Day Mysteries'
Details: Guest Blog on writing process: creating characters
March 17, 2009 
Literary Escapism
Host: Jackie Morgan
Extra Info: Blog is popular for its reviews, contests, and giveaways.  
Details: Guest Blog & Contest (win a signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark and a book cover t-shirt!)
March 18, 2009   
Mystery Reader Discussion
Host: Dennis aka: mistereereeder
Extra Info: His love for mysteries in obvious. A must see blog for mystery fans! 
Details: Guest Blog about my new mystery
March 19, 2009  
Nick Daws'  My Writing Blog
Host: Nick Daws
Extra Info: Nick is on Twitter!  You can follow him at http://twitter.com/nickdaws
Details:  Since this is an blog designed to help authors and aspiring writers I share 
                my publishing experience and some of my online favorites.
Blog Address: www.mywritingblog.com  
March 20, 2009        
Something She Wrote
Host: Janna Qualman
Extra Info: Blog Motto: Speaks Softly & Carries A Big Pen
Details: Author Interview: Indepth questions about the book and writing.
March 21, 2009        
Between the Covers
Host: C.
Extra Info: C. is a self proclaimed book addict from Australia
Details: Guest Blog: Join me "Down Under" 
March 22, 2009             
Mystery Book News
Host: Lance Wright
Extra Info: Site includes information for and reviews of Mystery Books and much more.
Details: I will be the guest host and discuss my book and more.
Blog Address:  www.mystery-books.com
March 23, 2009                
Bart's Bookshelf
Host: Bart
Extra Info: Site has great random quotes and Weekly Geeks' Quotes
Details: Author Interview
Blog Address:  www.bartsbookshelf.co.uk
March 24, 2009            
The Book Faery
Host: Farrah Kennedy
Extra Info: Farrah hosts this book review blog and www.wifeandmomof3.net
Details: Author Interview & Contest (win a signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark and a t-shirt!)
 March 25, 2009                                
Allie's Musings
Host: Allie Boniface
Extra Info: Allie is best selling Romance author.
Details: Author Interview
Confuzzled Books
Host: Shannon McGee
Extra Info: Shannon hosts this book blog and http://confuzzleddesigns.blogspot.com
Details: Author Interview
March 26, 2009
Girls With Books...We Make Reading Sexy
Hosts: Cammie and Kelly
Extra Info: Both Cammie and Kelly have other blogs.
                  Cammie- http://houseofnosleep.blogspot.com
                  Kelly- http://girlintheglasses.blogspot.com
Details: Guest Blog: Being a mom and a writer.
March 27, 2009
You Gotta Read Reviews
Host: Tami Winbush
Extra Info: Check out some great reviews on http://yougottareadreviews.blogspot.com/
Details: Guest Blog about book and advice.
March 28, 2009   
Jen's Book Thoughts
Host: Jen Forbus
Extra Info: Check out Jen's 1 Word Resolutions
Details: Guest Blog and my own 1 Word Resolution
In Reference to Murder
Host: BV
Extra Info: You can follow BV on twitter http://twitter.com/BVLawson
Details:  Author Interview
March 29, 2009
Host: Stacy
Extra Info:  Book giveaway! Win a signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark!
Details:  Guest Blog: Using libraries for research.
March 30, 2009
Shhh I'm Reading
Host: Melissa
Extra Info: Home to Book Reviews and Other Bookish Thoughts
Detail: Guest Post: This is what dreams are made of...