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Multiple Meaning Words: Homographs

                                         Hello Students!!!!

Learning Goal:  By the end of today's lesson you will demonstrate your understanding of homographs by creating a picture power point using 10 homographs, so that you will be able to understand word meanings when you read a text.


Homographs are words with multiple meanings, or two definitions for one word. 
    EXAMPLE:  (two different meanings of the word)  nail 
               - Nails and a hammer are used to build things.
Each finger and toe has a nail on it.

Job One:
                   * Research the internet and become familiar with different words that have more than one                         meaning, homographs. (Look below for suggested websites to investigate.)
           * Compile (make) a list of twenty words that have more than one meaning using Word                                Processor.
           * Bold/highlight ten of the words that you could use to make a power point using pictures as                     definitions for the words.
           * Show teacher list and have it approved for power point.


Job Two:
            * Make a power point
            * Use pictures as definitions for the words
            * Use ten words
            * Use twenty pictures; two for each word. (One picture for each of the definitions of the word)
            * Include each word and a definition of each word 

Done Early?

Play this game with a partner!! 
    The object of the game is to play Jeopardy and guess the right homograph!! The game also explains the directions for how to play.