Helping The Kaplons

So many are still asking how you can help out Kristi and her family during this awful tragedy. As most of you know, Kristi is pregnant with twins and the babies are due to be born in May.
We are actively trying to raise money to make sure Kristi, Chloe and the twins have a Night Nurse for at least 3 months. We all know how difficult the first few months are with 2 adults and 1 baby; so try to imagine 2 babies and 1 adult.

Every $200 we raise is another night of the Night Nurse to help Kristi with the twins. Families can combine their donations; 2 families donating $100/each gets Kristi help for another night.

A contribution to Kristi is a gift to her and her 3 kids; an act of kindness that cannot be quantified. Please give Kristi this incredible Mother's Day gift; a gift that will last the Summer-long. It’s simple to do -  just log onto (if you don’t already have an account created, it takes just a few simple steps to do), click on send money, Kristi’s email is, click on personal, and then click on gift.
Thank you again for all your help and support!The Kaplon family appreciates your generosity more then they can possibly express!
A Trust Fund has also been set up and donations can be sent to the following:
For Benefit of The Family of Brian Kaplon
c/o US Trust, Bank of America
1100 North King Street, Bracebridge I
Wilmington, DE 19884
Attention: Laura Baerwald

Additionally, Grocery Store and Gas Gift Cards can still be sent to
Funeral services for Brian were held at Mt. Sinai on Wed., March 23rd at 2pm.
Thank you everyone for all of your love and support.