Publications & Talks

Publications (dblp):
Invited Talks:
  • Structured Argumentation with Preferences: The ABA+ Formalism. (ABA+ and Weak Contraposition)
    Individual and Collective Reasoning group seminar, University of Luxembourg (14 October 2016)
  • AA-CBR: Abstract Argumentation for Case-Based Reasoning
    National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan (17 May 2016)
  • ABA+: Assumption-Based Argumentation with Preferences
    Agents and Intelligent Systems (AIS) seminar, King's College London (20 April 2016)
  • Non-monotonic Logic
    (shortlisted for a GCHQ award)
    Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today (TMT) 2014 Conference, University of Surrey (15 February 2014)