I am a Research Associate at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London working on Analysing the Passage of UK Parliament Bills (PI: Prof Francesca Toni), in collaboration with Thomson Reuters, Data Science Institute and Imperial College Business School

My research interests are:
  • Computational argumentation 
    (abstract argumentation (AA), assumption-based argumentation (ABA), ABA+ and its implementation ABAplus, etc.)
    and its applications
    (to e.g. cased-based reasoning, legal reasoning)
  • Common-sense reasoning 
    (e.g. non-monotonic, defeasible, default reasoning)
  • Reasoning with preferences 
    (e.g. argumentation, logic programming, common-sense reasoning with preferences)
  • Case-based reasoning and explanations
  • Integration of knowledge representation and reasoning paradigms with machine learning
I maintain general academic interests in Artificial Intelligence, Models of Reasoning, Logic (both classical and non-classical), Philosophy of Mathematics.

My Academic CV can be found following this dropbox link

You can find me in:
Department of Computing, Imperial College London
Room 433, Huxley Building, South Kensington Campus
180 Queen's Gate, London SW7 2RH, UK