Steve Carell Mail Carrier Post Office Littleton, MA?

Is this claim true?

Steve Carell, famous for his role in The 40 Year Old Virgin, claims to have worked at the Littleton Post Office in Massachusetts as a mail carrier prior to his career in acting.  Before I got into a career as a Computer Scientist myself, I worked for the Littleton, MA post office as a temporary rural carrier part-time while attending college in Massachusetts.  In fact, I also graduated from Littleton High School in the year 2000.  After my brother linked me to the wikipedia page on Steve Carell and his claims, I started asking my former co-workers to verify Mr. Carell's story.

As of this time, no one has been able to verify that he ever worked there.  I have asked Littleton, MA USPS employees who have been there since as far back as 1985.  No luck.  Is Steve Carell making all of this up?  It would make a great story.  I challenge Steve Carell to provide any type of proof that he worked there, including his estimated dates of employement.  The boss he references, Janice Eddy, was not a name known to Phil Dickey of the Littleton Post Office either.  Something smells funny in the whole story.

List of Littleton, MA USPS employees who say Steve Carell never worked for the Littleton post Office:

  • Philip Dickey
  • Walter ???
  • Pete ???
  • Mike Woznac
  • Tim Welton

If you have any information that may prove or disprove Steve Carell worked at the Littleton Post Office, please email me at  Thanks!