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Canada Research Chair in 

Regional Impacts of Globalization

About me:

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I am currently full professor of economics at the University of Québec at Montréal (UQAM) and holder of the tier-2 "Canada Research Chair in Regional Impacts of Globalization".

I am also a research fellow of CEPR, a regular researcher of CIRPÉEand a leading research fellow of CMSSE (HSE-NRU).

I am editor of the Journal of Economic Geographyassociate editor of the Review of International Economicsserve on the editorial board of Papers in Regional Science, and I am treasurer of the Urban Economics Association.


The Chair works with a small local team, and many internationally based co-authors and collaborators. The local team comprises currently Julien Martin (Assistant professor), Brahim Boualam (Assistant professor), Théophile Bougna (PhD Student), and Oualid Moussouni (PhD Student).

Awards and prizes:

I have recently been ranked 1st under 40 years by the Handelsblatt in Germany.

I am the recipient of the 2012 Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Award. This award recognizes "distinguished contributions to Regional Science research by scholars who have recently completed doctoral studies."

I shared the 2012 August Lösch Prize with Yasusada Murata for our joint work on “Trade, competition, and efficiency” (Journal of International Economics 87, May 2012, pp. 1-17), “City size and the Henry George theorem under monopolistic competition” (Journal of Urban Economics 65, March 2009, pp. 228-235), and “General equilibrium models of monopolistic competition: a new approach” (Journal of Economic Theory 136, September 2007, pp. 776-787).

Recent work:

[New] “The world is not yet flat: Transport costs matter!” (with Théophile Bougna and W. Mark Brown), CEPR Discussion Paper #10356.

[New] “New trade theory, elusive welfare gains” (with Y. Kanemoto and Y. Murata), CEPR Discussion Paper #10255.

[New] “Industry location and wages: The role of market size and accessibility in trading networks” (with J. Barbero and José. L. Zofío), CEPR Discussion Paper #10411.

[New] “Market size, entrepreneurship, sorting, and income inequality” (with D. Pokrovsky and E. Zhelobodko), CEPR Discussion Paper #9831.

[New] “Spatial frictions” (with G. Mion, Y. Murata and J. Südekum), CEPR Discussion Paper #8572 [VoX EU Version] [PDF].

In progress:

"Inter- and intra-firm linkages: Evidence from microgeographic location patterns" (with V. Sharunova).

“Distorted monopolistic competition” (with G. Mion, Y. Murata and J. Südekum).

“Trade liberalization and markup divergence in general equilibrium” (with S. Kichko and Ph. Ushchev).

“Coagglomeration patterns and functional specialization in Canada” (with R. Guillain).

“Unequal cities: Heterogeneity, matching, and income inequality” (with Dmitry Pokrovsky).

“Equilibrium and optimal urban systems with heterogeneous land” (with D. Albouy, F. Robert-Nicoud, and N. Seegert).

"Peer effects: Evidence from a randomized experiment in the classroom" (with Matthieu Chemin).

Partnerships and diffusion:

I am currently collaborating with the Economics Analysis Division of Statistics Canada to develop continuous measures for the localization of Canadian manufacturing between 1990 and 2013. These measures will be available soon via Cansim.

I have also been collaborating with the CD Howe institute.

I am currently working on several research projects with researchers from the Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics (CMSSE).

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Contact details:

Phone: +1 514 987 3000 (ext 6513)

Email: behrens(dot)kristian[at]uqam(dot)ca


Postal address:


Université du Québec à Montréal, Département des Sciences Economiques

Case postale 8888, Succ. Centre-Ville

Montréal, QC, Canada, H3C 3P8

Selected recent publications:

[New] “The Henry George Theorem in a second-best world” (with Yoshitsugu Kanemoto and Yasusada Murata), Journal of Urban Economics 85(1), 2015, pp. 34–51.

[New] Agglomeration Theory with Heterogeneous Agents.” (with F.L. Robert-Nicoud). In : Duranton, Gilles, J. Vernon Henderson, and William C. Strange (eds.) Handbook in Regional and Urban Economics, vol.5B, 2015, North-Holland, Elsevier B.V., pp. 171–245.

[New] “An anatomy of the geographical concentration of Canadian manufacturing industries” (with T. Bougna), Regional Science and Urban Economics 51, 2015, pp. 47–69.

[New] “Does competition in the traditional sector matter for the ‘core-periphery’ model?” (with S. Kichko and E. Zhelobodko), Economics Letters 122(1), 2014, pp. 95–99.

Productive cities: Agglomeration, selection and sorting” (with G. Duranton and F. Robert-Nicoud), Journal of Political Economy 122(3), 2014, pp. 507–553.

“Trade, wages, and productivity” (with G. Mion, Y. Murata and J. Südekum), International Economic Review 55(4), 2014, pp. 13051348.

“Survival of the fittest in cities: Urbanisation and inequality” (with F. Robert-Nicoud), Economic Journal 124, 2014, pp. 1371-1400.

“Globalization and individual gains from trade” (with Y. Murata), Journal of Monetary Economics 59(8), 2012, pp. 703720.

“Transfer pricing rules, OECD guidelines, and market distortions” (with S. Peralta and P.M. Picard), Journal of Public Economic Theory 16(4), 2014, pp. 650680.

Trade crisis? What trade crisis?” (with G. Corcos and G. Mion), Review of Economics and Statistics 95(2), 2013, pp. 702–709.

“Trade, competition, and efficiency” (with Y. Murata), Journal of International Economics 87(1), 2012, pp. 117.

Do rent-seeking and interregional transfers contribute to urban primacy in sub-Saharan Africa?” (with A. Pholo-Bala), Papers in Regional Science 92(1), 2013, pp. 163–195.


“Dual gravity: Using spatial econometrics to control for multilateral resistance” (with C. Ertur and W. Koch), Journal of Applied Econometrics 27(5), 2012, pp. 773794.

Selected older publications:

“Transportation, freight rates, and economic geography” (with P.M. Picard), Journal of International Economics 85(2), 2011, pp. 280291.

Beyond the Home Market Effect: Market size and specialization in a multi-country world” (with A.R. Lamorgese, G.I.P. Ottaviano and T. Tabuchi)Journal of International Economics 79(2), 2009, pp. 259265.

“City size and the Henry George theorem under monopolistic competition” (with Y. Murata)Journal of Urban Economics 65(2), 2009, pp. 228235.

“Industry location and welfare when transport costs are endogenous” (with C. Gaigné and J.-F. Thisse)Journal of Urban Economics 65(2), 2009, pp. 195208.

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“Commodity tax harmonization and the location of industry” (with J.H. Hamilton, G.I.P. Ottaviano and J.-F. Thisse)Journal of International Economics 72(2), 2007, pp. 271291.