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Sweat Yourself Silly!

Before ZUMBA discovered me, I loved to swing, waltz, and polka, and was a founding member of the DecoBelles historic dance troupe (life just doesn't give us enough opportunities to vamp, right?). ZUMBA gave me permission to shake my whatever and get in touch with my inner Latin Diva. And you have permission, too!

My classes are energizing, friendly, casual, and sometimes a little bit goofy. I just love the organization's mission to "fill the world's empty rooms" with people dancing. Dance has healing powers... and everyone needs a little more joy in their lives.

I'm also a collaborative person who enjoys building community. And ZUMBA is a great excuse to get together for positive change.

See you on the dance floor!

I'm on sabbatical from Zumba.... Waaah!

Meanwhile, here's my scrapbook full of happy Zumba moments...

And now... 
the literary question that burns in Kristen's soul... 
"Is Zumba really the Bandaloop?"  

(an excerpt from Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins)

After exposing corruption and chicanery in two governing bodies and three major industries, the program focused on a new dance craze that was sweeping Argentina. 

They call it the Bandaloop, said the announcer,  and everyone is doing it.

Priscilla sat up in bed. 

On the screen, the dancers were skipping and bounding about the floor in a kind of exaggerated polka. Every once in a while, they would stop, execute a little backward and forward jitterbug stop, then, yelling 
 Bandaloop! they would jump straight in the air, up and down, five times. 

Priscilla sat more erect.  Morgenstern, she whispered.  But the bandaloop is more than just another dance fad, the announcer said.  It is a health fad, as well. Supposedly, it can add years, even decades, to your life.”