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you say tomato...i say caven

posted Jun 4, 2010, 9:08 AM by Kristen Caven   [ updated Jun 4, 2010, 10:25 PM ]
The lovely article about me in today's Montclarion starts off,

"Not every artist can say her career has had a truly revolting beginning and have that be a good thing.

"Dimond district resident Kristen Caven's (rhymes with "maven") recently-released memoir, 'Perfectly Revolting: My 'Glamorous' Cartooning Career' is a story that has its roots on the Mills College campus and the student uprising that took place there in 1990. It traces her life and growth as a person since that time, using prose interwoven with her whimsical and often poignant cartoons."

It's a nice article that gives readers a nice overview and a good impression of my perfectly fascinating life.... Unfortunately, what I noticed was what she rhymed my name with. After a few emails ("Rhymes with RAVENous, not raven!" "Yeah, I know what your name sounds like, rhymes with maven!") we spoke on the phone. It's one of those tomato/tomato issues that you can't explain in print... but you know how different people say basil? Or aphids?

In the original Yiddish, maven rhymes with raven, even though one might hear people rhyme it with, say, Caven. I'm still in, like, my fourth minute of fame, so it's all still a little new to me, but I suspect I may suffer the dreadful fate of Brendan Fraser (rhymes with razor) or Michael Chabon (rhymes with maven....). Or my son, since every one of his middle school teachers calls him 'Cave-in" and he's too tired to correct them all.

I think I feel a song coming on....