Transcript Requests:
In order to send a transcript to a college or place of employment, I need the following information:
  • Your name (maiden name if married)
  • Your graduation year
  • The address to send the transcript to including department (e.g. Admissions Office)
  • Your signature
  • Your parent's signature (if you are not 18)
An official form can be found in the link, Transcript Request Form, at the bottom of this page.
This can be mailed, faxed, or scanned/emailed.
Mailing Address: Jesup High School
                           Attn: Kristen Bauer
                           531 Prospect Street
                           P.O. Box 287
                           Jesup, IA 50648
Fax Number: (319) 827-3905   Attn: Kristen Bauer
Email Address:

Official transcripts will only be released to colleges or places of employment. If you need a copy of your transcript for your records, it will be unofficial.
Final Transcripts: 2014-2015 Seniors
If you are planning to go to college or into the military next year, a final/official transcript must be mailed by the Jesup Community High School Guidance Department to that college/military branch after all grades are completed. This form can be picked up in the High School Office (will be made available in early May) and should be returned to the H.S. Office before you leave school on May 15th. Final transcripts will be sent out in early to mid-June (after Media grades are turned in).
If you earned college credit while in high school, you will need to contact that college to get those transcripts sent. The school cannot contact the college for you and we do not have access to your college transcripts. The contact number to get Hawkeye Community College transcripts sent is: (319) 296-4045 or (800) 670-4743  ext. 4045.
Kristen Bauer,
Jun 22, 2012, 7:24 AM