Weight Loss Comparisons

I started my weight loss/getting fit/getting healthy journey on April 1, 2008. Here is my story to this point along with pictures of my progress so far. I did not take "before" pics or many pics along the way to my first 50 lbs lost & I plan to do better from this point on. My "before" pics are mainly from the vacations I have taken over the 3 yrs prior to my life style change but I was wearing the same size clothes (even though they were beginning to get a bit snug), so I figure they are close enough.


I hope you enjoy & are inspired by them. Whether you have weight to loose or some other "impossible" goal in mind, I hope that through these pictures you are motivated set out on your own adventure. 


Any goal worth achieving requires determination, dedication, & discipline (three things I never thought I had), but it is possible. Sometimes it doesn't happen as fast as you would like but nothing in life that is worth anything comes easily or quickly. Enjoy the jouney on the way & watch how you change, not only physically (if that is in your goal) but also mentally, spiritually, & emotionally.

The Pics















About 50 lbs down



















The Plan

On April 1, 2008, I joined 24 Hr. Fitness. Had a starting weight of 249 lbs. My goal is to loose 100 lbs in 2 yrs time. I want to be under 150 lbs by my 30th birthday (April 12, 2010).

For my diet, I started out on Weight Watchers then cancelled that after a couple of months, opting for calorie counting using Spark People which is free. Spark People is an amazing site & I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to loose weight, get fit, maitain weight, or just live a more healthy lifestyle. I won't go into the greatness of SP right now, but if you would like more info on it from a real person, feel free to email me.

For exercise, like I said I joined 24 Hr. Fitness. I also hired a personal trainer (expensive but for someone who has never exercised it was a necessity or at least a big help). I started out only able to do 5 min at a time on the elliptical & now I can do up to an hour (probably longer but who has that kind of time; I usually only do 30min & now working on increasing the resistance). I have now started the Couch-to-5K program. I have also added water aerobics once a week to my schedule. I am loosing my trainer due to the fact my package that I purchased has run out & I am wanting to see if I can do this on my own. I will probably hire a trainer once again down the road to "take me to the next level" but I want to see what I can do on my own for now. In the next few weeks I'm going to start trying to swim at least 2 days a week & replace my elliptical training with the stationary bike (I seem to be slowing down on my weight loss & this is what my trainer suggested). I may also add a bit of the stair master (this escalator like machine that you climb) for five min at a time. When I get up enough courage I plan on trying the spinning class & maybe taking the yoga class on Saturdays. I plan on getting a bike for Christmas & participating in local bike rides in the spring. I have a goal to be in a sprint triatlon next fall. Imagine that, Kristy, actually being part of an atheltic event.

For support, I am in a weight loss community on YouTube of all places. These people are wonderful. I know I never would have come as far as I have without them. They are amazing. Also, SP has a great support system with teams, forums, personal pages, etc...it's great...can you tell that I'm a bit partial to it. :)



Other Ways I Have Changed




  • Before: 249 lbs
  • Now: 191 lbs


Blood Pressure

  • Before: approx. 120+/85+
  • Now: approx. 109/65 or so

Resting Heart Rate

  • Before: >80
  • Now: 60+/-


  • Before:
  • Now:

Blood Sugar

  • Before:
  • Now:




  • Before: 22/24
  • Now: 14/16


  • Before: 22/24 starting to get into 26/28
  • Now: 18/20 sometimes a 14/16

Scrubs bottoms

  • Before: XXL
  • Now: L

Scrubs tops

  • Before: XXXL
  • Now: XL


  • Before: 42DDD
  • Now: most 38DD


Other Non-Scale Victories

  • I can now cross my legs comfortably.
  • I can walk, fairly quickly, around the hospital without getting winded.
  • I can feel my pelvic bones when lying on my stomach.