Put the Kris back in Krismas!

by Will Shetterly 

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Put the Kris back in Krismas! 

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Some people keep trying to cram Jesus into the great solstice festivals of Saturnalia and Yule to oust that merry personification of prosperity, Kris Kringle. In an attempt to get others to follow their agenda, they pretend to object to the term "Xmas" since it's no longer common knowledge that X is an ancient symbol for Christ that's probably as old as the fish and older than the cross. They say to get the X out, but their actual campaign seems to be "Let's put the 'T' back in ChrisTmas."

But the great festival of trees and gifts and eating and drinking to excess has nothing to do with Christ, and why any Christian would want it to is beyond me. Here's to keeping Kris front and center in Krismas! 

It has been suggested that the "Get the X out of Xmas" people are sincere. But are we really expected to believe that devout Christians could be so incredibly ignorant of their own history? That they're simply very obnoxious people who want to impose a vision on others that's not supported by history? Surely not!