Book Project: Southeast Asia

Economic Development of Southeast Asia

In preparation for publication by the MIT Press
© 2019 Krislert Samphantharak

Part I: Introduction 

1. Overview [pdf]
2. Country Experience [pdf]

Part II: Macroeconomic Development 

3. Economic Growth [pdf]
4. Sectoral Development [pdf]
5. Economic Crisis [pdf]

Part III: Mechanics of Economic Development

6. Capital Accumulation
Physical Capital [pdf] | Human Capital [pdf]

7. Productivity: Technology and Efficiency
Technological Progress [pdf] | Financial Market [pdf] | Labor Market [pdf]

8. International Trade, Finance and Migration
International Trade [pdf] | Foreign Direct Investment [pdf] | International Portfolio Investment [pdf] | International Migration [pdf]

9. Natural Disaster and Civil Conflict
Natural Disaster [pdf] | Civil Conflict [pdf]

Part III: Government

10. Macroeconomic Management
Fiscal Policy [pdf] | Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy [pdf] | Sovereign Debt [pdf] | Sovereign Wealth [pdf]

11. Government Interventions
Industrial Policy [pdf] | Social Policy [pdf]

12. Corruption

Part IV: Firms and Household

13. Firm
Family Business Group [pdf] | State-Owned Enterprise [pdf] | Multinational Enterprise [pdf] | Small and Medium Enterprise [pdf]

14. Household
Inequality [pdf] | Poverty [pdf] | Vulnerability [pdf]

Part V: Institutional Foundation

15. Fundamental Determinants of Development
Institution [pdf] | Culture [pdf] | Ethnicity [pdf] | Geography [pdf]

16. Historical Foundation

Part V: Recent Development 

17. Opportunities and Challenges