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2018 Merchant List

Merchant Business Name

Brief description of Merchandise

Aesc & Thorn Publishing
Books, CDs, yarn stuff
AJ’s Carving & Woodshop
Hand carved wooden spoons, hand carved and hand painted wooden santas
All the Trimmings
cloak clasps, tapestries, pendants, tote bags
Ancient Warrior
Garb, armor, weapons, and SCA accouterments
Avalon Oddiments
Gently used garb, books, feast gear; material, knitted goods, & other Medieval things.
Ayeshas Hats
Viking-Rus-Mongle Furry Hats, viking bling and mugs, etc. Made by hand and machine with love and blood.
Blackstone's Bath & Boutique
Hand crafted soaps and other body care products using goat milk and other natural ingredients
BlackWater Treasures
Yarns (silk and wool), roving, felting supplies, looms, some finished goods. cloak clasps, tapestries, pendants, tote bags
Brockman’s SCA Emporium
Books, pewter ware, garb, miscellaneous
Bunisher Metal Works
Custom metal artwork not limited to but including knives, axes, swords, spears, medallions, and coronets.
Candles and stuff
candles and knitted bags
crafty cat
Jewelry, SCA items, books, fiber wears, lots of neat stuff
Designs by Gracye
Lampwork beads and jewelry Handmade snoods and pouches.
Divine Mudworx
Pottery and jewelry
Dream Settings
Photos with specified SCA or woodland backdrops
Du Puy Creations
Wood furniture and boxes
Griffon Made
bags, totes, purses, jewelry
Hildibrandr's Viking Wares
Primarily handcrafted goods relating to the Viking Age. I have a selection of items crafted in metal, ceramics, leather, wood, etc.
Hot Tempered Glass
Glass beads and glass beaded jewelry.
Iona Rose Studio LLC
Fine fibers, yarns and spinning tools
Kat’s Art
little arts and artifacts just in time for the holidays
KnOtter's Den
silver jewelry, fiber goods and tools
Leofwyna's Gently Used Treasures
Fabrics, Feast Kits, gently used SCA appropriate items of all kinds
Lobster Rose Pottery
Pottery and sundries
Metalsmith Mage
period & period inspired jewelry, cast, fabricated, handcrafted of gemstones & metal.
Mhairi McLean's
Men's and Women's Garb - Chemise, Sidless Surcotes, T-tunics, pants, hoods, coifs, cloaks, cloth pouches.
Munitions Grade Arms
Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Thrusting Tips, Armor
North Star Armoury
Viking, Anglo Saxon, and medieval jewelry, a carefully curated selection of books.
Odds and Ends
Baroness Elwyn's estate sale. Various SCA and fantasy items and books
Panther's Den
Semi-precious stone, vintage glass, horn, wood, bone, and other natural materials earrings and jewelry. Many animal- and nature-themed items.
Ravens Perch
Lyres boxes and other wood working
Read It Again Books
Used books of period history and period fiction
Revival leather goods & AHR
shoes leather stuff gambesons armor and glass ware
Rising Sun Leather
Boots and shoes, leather hides
Scrap Ends
Books, fabric and shiney stuff
The Silver Seahorse
Linen thread, linen arming caps, various yarns, garb, crocheted hats, jams, jellies, and marvelous miscellany
Silvermoon Creations
Sterling silver jewelry and hand crafted toys and leather goods
Simply Kitts Illustrations
Illustrated fantasy art, prints, and self-published coloring books
The Vault of Valhalla
Handcrafted, Hand-cast Norse, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon jewelry, Amber jewelry, costume jewelry for period use
Thistlewood Manor Soap
Handmade soap, men's beard products, nalbound hats, inkle trim
Thorvik Crafts
New leather, pouches, Black Smithed items.
Tosten's Pots
Pottery items as needed for your day. Cooking pots, mugs, and the new item alembics!!
Truetvin's Treasures
Leather goods, pouches, quivers, journal covers, archery equipment, inc. crossbows
W&J Bows and Such
Custom made longbows, wooden and leather items.