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2017 Merchant List

Merchant Business Name

Brief description of Merchandise

A Stitch in Time Embroidered towels, hats, bibs. Some middle eastern cloths.
Aesc & Thorn Publishing Selling my novels
AJ's Carving & Woodshop
Hand Carved Wooden Spoons
Avalon Oddiments
Gently used garb, books, feast gear, etc. plus material, Knitted goods: hats, kilt hose, socks, mitts fingerless & not.
Baroness Ayesha Hats Viking-Rus-Mongle Furry Hats, viking bling and mugs, etc.
BlackWater Treasures We offer beautiful unique handspun yarns as well as hand dyed mill spun yarns. We offer a variety of blended rovings from our farm raised animals, as well as felting supplies, Kumihimo supplies, silk roving, silk yarns and some finished goods.
Bunisher Metal Works Custom art metal, knives, swords, axes, medallions, buckles, and more!
Candles Candles
Crafty Cat Jewelry, SCA items, books, fiber wears, lots of neat stuff
Designs by Gracye Lamp work beads and jewelry. Snoods , pouches and fabric
Divine Mudworx
Pottery: mugs, bowls, windchimes, knitting bowls, beads, etc.
Dragonshire Weaving looks and accessories. Yarns and miscellaneous clothes.
Freta's Fripperies Jewlery and soap
Goin' A Viking Reproduction of mostly Viking artefacts in bronze and silver. Jewelry, horns, household, belts, pouches, textile, etc. Will have some Roman, Celt, and other cultures as well.
Griffon Made Handcrafted tote bags and purses featuring appliques.
Gryphon's Dreams Handmade Jellies and Jams
Handmade Dream catchers
Handmade Stained Glass pieces
Hot Tempered Glass Glass beads and glass beaded jewelry and items.
KnOtter's Den silver jewelry and fiber goods
 Leofwyna's Gently Used Treasures A flea market of SCA-centric over flow. Yards of cotton-linen and specialty fabrics, leftovers from middle eastern household, books, jewelry and misc. Priced to sell!
Lobster Rose Pottery
Pottery - cooking pots, mugs, Roman stoves, Grecian grills
Vinyl car stickers
Made to measure
Patterns for you garb or project made to measure onto muslin. Along with other findings for your kit and sewing basket.
Mahari McLean's Garb- chemise, sideless surcote, cloaks, hoods, coifs, and dragon, Celtic, and knight wooden ink pens
Medieval Oak Medieval furniture
Munitions Grade Arms
Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Thrusting Tips, Armor
North Star Armoury Viking, Anglo-Saxon, and Medieval Jewelry and artifacts. A carefully curated selection of books, Possibly some armour.
Osvifir's Pearls Ring belts and other leather items
Painted Sky Pottery Medievally inspired pottery!
Panther's Den Semi-precious stone, vintage glass, horn, wood, bone, and other natural materials earrings and jewelry. Many animal- and nature-themed items.
Please Touch Pottery Handmade pottery.
Ravens perch
Gnome doors, chests occasional musical instrument
Read It Again Books Used books, maybe some jewelry and clothing, but mostly used books on period history and some historical fiction
Revival Leather Goods Shoes, gambesons, some armor, glass ware
Rock'n T leather works Hand tooled leather goods
Scrap Ends
Period Embroidery resources plus books, fabrics, and vintage pins. And maybe socks!
Shire of Calanais Nuadh This will be a fundraiser for the Shire of Calanais Nuadh, we will have items of interest to fiber artists, fabric, books and other SCA items.
Simply Kitts Illustrations The Medieval Gnome Coloring Book and gnome art prints, various other fantasy-themed artworks, holiday cards. You can see my work at I focus specifically on fantasy creatures and mythologies for SCA events.
The Contourney Camel Looms, Shuttles, Stools, Pouches, Boxes, Other Woodenwares
Thora's Threads Handmade hand sewn, hand embroidered haversacks, hats, hoods. Handmade soap, Joining me this year is Jordain with his amber jewelry and other handmade items.
Thorvik Crafts New Leather Sides. Most under $2.00 per square foot. Leather pouches and Belts.
 Tosten's Pots Tosten's Pots recreates period cooking wares. Pots based on the archaeological record.
Truetvin's Treasures Mostly leather and wood goodies! I make leather mugs, games, journal covers, and toys. I am also happy to do custom work!!
Vault of Valhalla
Handsculpted, handcast Norse jewelry by HL Paul Adler, Amber necklaces, bracelets, and brooches, costume jewelry selected for medieval re-enactors, middle eastern/belly dancer style garb.
W&J Bows and Such Hand made long bows. Wood and leather items and such.
Wolframs Wonderous Wares Hand-made items: Leather pouches, tankard straps, belts and other leather goods. Cloak clasps, hair pins, pendants, brooches, earrings, spoon and fork sets, feast daggers, and other decorative items made of brass, nickel, and copper.
Commercial items: Feast gear of all sorts, in metal, wood, glass, and ceramic. Daggers and swords, lanterns, books, and much misc. of interest to re-enactors.