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2016 Merchant List

These merchants are paid and confirmed for attending Kris Kinder this year. If you have signed up to merchant and sent in a payment but do not see yourself listed, please contact the merchant coordinator at

Merchant Business Name

Brief description of Merchandise

Aesc & Thorn Publishing I'll be selling my novels.
AJs' Carving & Woodshop Hand carved Santas and hand carved wooden spoons
Avalon Oddiments SCA Garage sale plus crafts, gently used garb, books, feast gear, cloth plus bottles, bags/pouches, kilt hose, hats, stockings, mitts (will knit to order), plus other odds & ends
Ayesha's I sell Mongolian [fake] fur hats, and jewelry. I often have some other hat styles.
BlackWater Treasures We offer beautiful unique handspun yarns and rovings from our animals-sheep, goats and Alpacas, also silk, bamboo and blends of these. We sell buttons, fabric, lace trim, lace by the yard, drop spindles, supplies for spinning, knitting, sewing, crochet and Kumihimo. We also offer a limited amount of hand finished goods: shawls, scarves, hats and woven goods.
Brigit's Treasures One of a kind Jewelry using semi precious and precious stones, Amber all in silver and or pewter.   Late period research books  Fabric
Bunisher Metal Works Custom art metal. Knives, Spears, Axes, Swords, Coronets, Medallions, etc. Come see me if you have a commission in mind!
we also will have rattan available
Contourney Camel Looms, shuttles, weaving supplies, Pouches
Designs by Gracye Lamp work Beads and Jewelry
Snoods, and Fabric
Divine Mudworks Pottery and t-shirts
Goin' A Viking & Brynjolf's Forge Blacksmith/Bladesmith goods, reproductions of artifacts from archeological digs and grave finds pertaining to the La Tene thru Viking age about 8th thru 13th century in bronze and silver. Also other Viking goods in leather, bone, wood.
Hot Tempered Glass Glass beads and beaded jewelry.
Izzy's Treasures All the things!
Glass beads, veil pins, henna, needle felting stuff, some fiber arts stuff
Jantije's Fabric Adoption Service
Pre-cut lengths of fabrics in a variety of colors. Cleaning out more of my stash that has taken over my basement.
KnOtter's Den silver jewelry, fiber arts and tools
Knotty Monkey Designs
Crochet novelties and assorted fiber niftyness.
Lilies Taylor Tent Silent Auction of donated wares to fund the 2017 Lilies Tailor's Tent.
Lord Henry's Medieval Miscellaneous Jewelry especially gemstone necklaces, Amber necklaces,"Viking" style glass beads,Gemstone, glass, horn, and bone beads
Indonesian Jatim glass beads, Lost Wax method Brass Beads from Ghana, Recycled glass beads from Ghana,Horn and bone for carving
And maybe more!
Medieval Oak
Medieval Furniture
Munitions Grade Arms Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Armor, Thrust Tips
Nebraska Weaving Supply
Looms, Yarn, Weaving Supplies
Neverland Designs
Basic men's and women's garb in medium to generous sizes. Most in 100% linen.
North Star Armoury We offer reproduction period jewelry and accessories, as well as a closely-curated selection of books of interest to modern medievalists.
Off The Peg Armor, buckles, belts and bits.
Painted Sky Pottery Medievally Inspired Pottery!
Panther's Den Semi-precious stone, horn, wood, glass earrings and jewelry
Please Touch Pottery
Handmade functional pottery.
Ravens Perche
woodworking - Including Musical instruments furniture and gnome doors
Read It Again Books Used books, historical and fiction, maybe a few costume odds and ends
Revival Leather Goods & Adkins Historical Reproductions Shoes, Gambesons, leather, stuff armor
Rottenpots Woodturning Beer/Coffee mugs/Tankards, Rottels ,+ wizzard wands,platters,bowls. My sister will be helping and selling crocheted pouches,beaded knights necklaces, earrings?
Scrap Ends
Fabric, books, resources for historic embroidery
Silk Road Caravans Antique Jade and Jasper, Silks and Chinese and Tibetan Silvers
The Twisted Calontiri Hair pins, Spurs, chains, Metal doodads.
Thistlewood Manor Over 40 types of handmade soap.  Inkle and card woven bands.  Naalbound hats. Custom handmade knives and sheaths by Master Magnus.
Thora's Threads Hats, Haversacks, Hoods, Various other sewn goods. Plus soaps, lotions, bath salts, & bath bombs OH my.
Thorvik Crafts LEATHER
Leather working, blacksmithed items.
Tosten's Pots Pottery cook wares.
Cooking pots good for the camp or oven.  Viking to Tudor.
Uptown Authors
We are an indie author group from KC, and write epic fantasy series, SF in alternative history, children's books, and dark psychological thrillers. All books are self-published and written by the authors.
Vault of Valhalla
Hand-cast, hand-finished Norse, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon Jewelry by HL Paul Adler, costume jewelry geared for re-enactors, belly dance/Middle Eastern garb
W&J Bows and Such
Longbows and assorted leather made items. Possibly some other wooden items.
Wolfram's Wonderous Wares
Hand-crafted items: leather pouches, tankard straps, belts - cloak pins, hair pins, jewelry, feasting cutlery - floral hair wreathes.

New and Used retail items: Feast mugs, goblets, plates, bowls, silverware, pitchers, coffee pots, tea pots, and misc. dishes, in aluminum, steel, copper, brass, wood, glass and ceramic - books - lanterns, leather hides, leather working hardware, crochet cotton for weaving, fox tails, children's toys / puzzles, and much misc. of interest to re-enactors.